1. Craft a new logotype. It needed to pair well with established visual elements, while at the same time, capable of standing on its own, apart from other brand elements.

2. Develop a brand campaign that highlights the new name and reintroduces current customers to the brand, while attracting new ones.
The new logotype was designed to be more visible on packaging. By stacking the name vertically, we could use less condensed letterforms and increase the weight of the type. Inspired by hand-painted type frequently found on storefronts in Madagascar, the logotype is intensionally imperfect and feels visually connected to the brand's other elements. 
Developing the campaign around visual cues taken from familiar packaging, customers are more easily able to link the new name to the established packaging for instant brand recognition.
After changing the name from Madecasse to Beyond Good, Beyond Good felt the name needed to be more visible and prominent in packaging. The bolder letterforms are inspired by hand-painted lettering found one the buildings in African villages lead more balanced wordmark that not only holds it's own on the packaging, but can be better used independently from from the brand's lemur illustration. 
Package design credit: Ptarmak
The brand campaign had two primary goals: 
1. Introduce the Beyond Good name to the world. (formerly Madecasse)
2. Highlight the fact that the company's values are a good as the chocolate it makes. 
The design direction of the campaign aims to build on Beyond Good's most recognizable asset: its packaging. Using a combination of brand color and new typography we developed a look for the campaign that would tightly tie what the audience see's on a poster to what they will see on the shelf. 
Website development done in collaboration with Kona Made
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